Tire Rack Shoutout!

Huge thanks to TireRack! I’ve been looking for 72.56mm to 79.5mm hubcentric rings and no one had them! Called TireRack and and in less than 3 minutes the helpful gentleman said they are in there way. I just ordered these yesterday afternoon and they’re already at my house the next day for less than $20 shipped! Huge thanks guys.


Making progress.



Operation Restoration

In the last few months my car has been through some rough moments. Careless drifting lead to contact with various things. Desperate times come for desperate measures, so the hacking began.







After all is done, I think it won’t be too bad. Then I wanted something different and unusual, so I added these lol.


Russian DashCam : From Folsom to Kirkwood

YouTube Preview Image


Dialed Front

My front end is now dialed in. Since I had the knuckles modded, I had some clearance issues preventing full lock. Last night I fixed that with 15mm spacers, dialed in an extra 2degrees of camber, and straightened the toe as much as possible. Did a tee ramps to test and it feels insane! Can’t wait to test if it’ll be enough for a baby reverse entry.

Thanks to this gorgeous thing right here for the extra hand.


The Notorious Trio

Awesome shot CarbonStudios caught chasing us on the streets. Edward never fails to deliver capturing jewels.


Knuckle Modding

So finally got around to modding my knuckles and squeezing a little more angle out of this hog. I will post final angle pictures after I sort out the clearance. Huge thanks to my friend Garrett! I also want to welcome him to the FXDWLD family, as he will be posting his fabrication work on here to share with us!


CLub Drift 1

So Saturday was nice in Stockton, CA. Lots of awesome cars, and fun drifting with old friends.




These clowns make life more entertaining.


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of myself being interviewed for an upcoming project, well the time has come to announce it. Therefore, I present to you:

DUAL ANGRIFFDual Angriff Back

First lets start off with the meaning. I think we all know what “dual” means, but the word “angriff” in German means “attack” or “assault.” Well now you might be thinking, what’s the reasoning behind the name? It’s actually quite simple. There is no abstract explanation or philosophical connection, in reality, the name came naturally because this project is about one car that will be used for two purposes: both drifting and grip. To be specific, FormulaDrift ProAm and NASA GTS, which is a class exclusive for German cars. This leads me to announcing the car itself. It is a 1989 BMW 325i E30 which will have a stroker 2.9 M20 turbo probably pushing about 400-450 to start off safe. To make this project happen, CAtuned asked me to be the driver on the drift side and face of the project, and to capture the entire process of the build and coverage of all the events, we brought onboard my good friend Edward of Carbon Studios and his entire crew. They will be documenting the entire process and keeping you updated on what is happening behind the scenes, on the track, and in the pits so you as the viewers can be connected through every aspect of our journey.Dual Angriff Back

Where do you come in? Well we need your help. The amount of money needed to fund a full project and entire season like this takes a LOT of money and connections to say the least. Igor (CAtuned owner), myself, and Tatiana (Coordinator of CAtuned Motorsports) have all been reaching out to our connections and getting people in on the project. So far we have some great people and companies ready to support us, but we will need more help than that. Igor is really scraping the bottom of his wallet to make everything possible, but publicity and donations from the public is what will really pull this project through. Please visit the DualAngriff website, to see our schedule of events for the season, and backgrounds on the companies and the CAtuned team. Most importantly please hit the KICKSTARTER link, donate whatever you, and share! Any and all help is appreciated, no matter if it is $1 or $100 or if its just a reposted link. The more publicity the better!

Thank You to all our supporters and followers,
Arthur and the DualAngriff Team.

DualAngriff website: www.dualangriff.com
My email: arthur@fixedandwelded.com
My Instagram: @arturari
Tatiana email: tatiana@catuned.com
CAtuned Company Instagram: @catuned

Unidentical Twins

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